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I'm Anahita. I love dogs, dumplings, travel, mellow music, binge-watching Netflix and my fiance Rhys (though not necessarily in that order or in combination).

I'm a collector, in my personal time, it's illustrations, train tickets, maps and other big and little things that help me stop time and relive memories. So naturally, this need to relive carried over to photography and that's where Moonflower was born.

I'm all about nostalgia, about having tangible triggers to remember happy memories and big memories. That's where I step in, to help you relive one of the biggest days of your life and connect the dots for you and your people to look back on.

Your day is about you, and I want to carry your dress, wipe a tear and laugh with your parents and I want to document it authentically and with vulnerability. So please tell me every detail, because it will help me put together your story in the most personal and unique way.

I love traveling and split my time between New Zealand, India and Europe shooting weddings, elopements, and love. So get in touch because there's a chance I'm already in your corner of the Earth.

+64 21 082 96571

Wellington, New Zealand

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