Your Uncle or Your Cousin as Your Wedding Photographer? A Big No.


When you have to consider your budget in every decision, wedding planning can be challenging and tricky. That’s why most couples cut their wedding costs on big budget items like photography. However, booking a professional photographer under a budget can be difficult. Chances are, they are over your budget or already booked for the whole year. Because of this, couples are tempted to ask for their family’s help or go to a student photographer to capture their wedding day.

Don’t get us wrong. There are very good amateur photographers and there are also very bad professional wedding photographers. Because of improved camera technology and self-learning materials, a lot of amateur photographers are leveling up. With this, it can be very inviting to consider having their services on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Peace of mind is one thing you can be assured of when you hire a very reliable professional wedding photographer. Still not convince? Here’s a list why hiring your uncle or an amateur photographer is not a worthy idea in capturing your big day.



It is not a well-ordered and organized environment.

A lot of nonprofessionals can have a very good portfolio of images. But it is possible that the most of it were made under a controlled environment and without time constraint. This is absolutely not what a wedding is.



It demands appropriate gears.

Many non-professionals do not have enough camera gears to manage a difficult situation. This often happens during the reception where the lighting condition is less than ideal. Comparing a $1000 lens vs a $100 lens does make a huge difference in low light atmosphere. It also gives you that beautiful artistic emotion in the images that most brides love so much.


It demands backup equipment.

Remember, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You must feel assured that the professional wedding photographer you hired will have the necessary equipment to capture your big day no matter what the occurrences are. This is the reason why most professional photographers carry back up equipment.



It demands the right attitude.

Weddings can easily get out of control. Professional photographers need to be authoritative to take important shots – in a respectful way. Wedding day involves a lot of people and a lot of events. Because you and your spouse will be too busy to enjoy the reception, professional wedding photographers must direct people vehemently and graciously at the same time, to guarantee that things go according to plan.


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It demands a reasonable timeframe to receive the finished product.

A lot of professional wedding photographers value their time. They know and love the value of workflow and system that allow them to work fast and efficiently. With this, they can give you stunningly edited images as quickly as possible.


It demands the need for insurance or liability protection

A contract plays a vital role when hiring any vendor, especially a wedding photographer.  What if your uncle knocks over an expensive vase at a reception venue by accident, or spill a glass of wine on the DJ mixing desk? Who’s going to be accountable for all the damages? How about if you don’t like the wedding images, can you resolve these issues quickly? These business characteristics are very significant to working professionals.


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